Dragon House 10 Results

Results for Dragon House 10 on Saturday June 2nd, 2012 in Oakland CA at Kezar Pavilion.

Professional Bout Results

Pete Sabala
Pete Sabala
Age: 24 Weight: 145
Team Breaker
VersusBobby Stack
Bobby Stack
Age: 27 Wight: 145
Strongside System

Athletic Commission stopped and cancelled bout right when they entered the cage due to a medical condition of Bobby Stack.

Rolando Velasco
Rolando Velasco
Age: 25 Weight: 135
Last Stand
VersusEvan Esquerra
Evan Esguerra
Age: 33 Weight: 135
True Fight Club

Rolando Velasco wins by submission at 1m 41s in Round 1

James Chaney
James Chaney
Age: 24 Weight: 170
VersusSam Spengler
Sam Spengler
Age: 35 Weight: 170
Cung Le’s AKA

James Chaney wins by submission via Rear Naked Choke at 4m 53s in Round 2

Osmar Delima
Osmar Delima
Age: 23 Weight: 145
VersusGiovanni Encarnacion
Giovanni Encarnacion
Age: 31 Weight: 145
Team Fight Kore

Osmar Delima wins by submission via Arm bar at 2m 10s in Round 1

Andrew Valladerez
Andrew Valladerez
Age: 23 Weight: 125
Cung Le’s AKA
VersusRyan Bastianelli
Ryan Bastianelli
Age: 31 Weight: 125
Crispim BJJ

Andrew Valladerez wins by submission via Guillotine Choke at 2m 17s in Round 1

Under Card Amateur Bouts

Paradise Vaovasa
Age: 22 Weight: 155
Dragon House MMA


Mark Trader
Age: 24 Weight: 155
Mendo Combat Club
Paradise Vaovasa wins by TKO at 1m 21s in Round 3
Richard Treas
Age: 28 Weight: 265
Dynamic MMA


David Ferguson
Age: 25 Weight: 265
Vortex Fight Team
Richard Treas wins by TKO at 1m 03s in Round 1
Dansabe Mohammed
Age: 20 Weight: 170
Napa Valley MMA


Abraham Vaesau
Age: 24 Weight: 170
Dragon House MMA
Dansabe Mohammed wins by Submission at 1m 59s in Round 1
Rich O’Toole
Age: 27 Weight: 170
Skrap Pack


Angelo Reyes
Age: 28 Weight: 170
Combat Self Defense
Rich O’Toole wins by Submission at 1m 38s in Round 3
Akeliano Salazar
Age: 19 Weight: 155
Mac Self Defence


Guadalupe Bueno
Age: 25 Weight: 155
KO1 Fitness Academy
Akeliano Salazar wins by TKO at 2m 00s in Round 2
Jose Ayala
Age: 22 Weight: 135
Ab’s Dragon Academy


Julio Solorio
Age: 25 Weight: 135
Tribull MMA

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